Lucia Priester is a violinist and singer, well-known as one of The Priester Sisters, who won the „Golden Gander“ prize for the best performance of the Festival in Kremnické Gagy /SK/. The band performs regularly, both domestically and abroad, and recently toured Czech with the Army Orchestra of Czech republic (Ustredni hudba). They are currently collaborating with well-known and popular gypsy balkan swing band Django Lassi from Germany.
Lucia´s range as a violinist is very wide, her extensive experience gives her ability to move naturally between many different genres from folklore to jazz, swing, balkan and rock or classical music. Thanks to her improvisation skills, original personal language and spontaneous gypsy personality, every one of her performances brings a unique musical experience to listeners. She collaborates with many contemporary musicians and bands, for example Stepan Markovic, Top Dream Company, in 2014-2016 with a disco-balkan band Circus Problem, who she helped with music arrangements on their second CD „Inner Fools“, and later with the band Circus Brothers. As a singer and violinist she performs with the USB – Universal Swing Brothers as well as she collaborates on a creating of new song (music and lyrics). As a solo performer, she has played for example at Thalie Prize 2016. She is also in the television movie „Promised Princess“, in which she played one of the princess characters, and she also recorded a solo soundtrack for the movie. She is also taking a part in the new contemporary circus show „Younak“, uniquely connecting the folk elements, traditional dance, nonverbal theatre and musically mixing traditional slovak music and improvisation with modern scenic music. She is a frequent studio player, and has recorded many CDs for films, various composers and bands, the soundtrack for a movie „Intimity“, for Czech Radio Company or studio Fontána. In the past she was a member of psychotic-progressive band Tritonus Priest connecting these elements with classical, electro and art-rock. As a member of the band she performed with Michal Pavlíček on his „Symphony Rocking Show“ recorded and broadcast live by Czech Television channel. Also with Tritonus Priest, she contributed to album „Tabula Rasa“ by czech writer Milan Princ. She has gained considerable skills through her classical studies at the Academy of Prague, jazz and improvisation at KJJ, and in scholarship programs in America and Austria. She has also performed in the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in the largest halls in America and Japan, as well as a solo player or member of chamber ensembles on stages in Europe and America.