Dora Bondy,

Czech singer and songwriter who lives alternately in the Czech Republic and Brazil. In Prague she attends classes of classical singing with prof. Helena Malikova and the Faculty of Law of the UK.

Dora Bondy is not a newcomer on the music scene, and her powerful horned voice can be heard in several bands. She started her career with Maleeva, and since 2008 she has performed with Brasil ragga band Larique. Since 2013, she has been singing with the re-established band Forbidden Fruit.

She is currentlyfocused on Dora Bondy & the Bondages project, which she founded in 2013. In her music, Dora combines elements of Latin music, reggae, soul and jazz. She has collaborated with many known musicians such as Danim Robinson, Geoff Tyson, Lushian Larro and others. At her USB shows you can fully taste her naturalness and feel for music.
Her debut album called Fool Moon is released this year.